Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War (CD)

Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War (CD)

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The studio album that followed De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, originally released by Necropolis in 2000. With Maniac on vocals, Blasphemer on guitar, Hellhammer drums, and Necrobutcher on bass.


Track listing

  1. A Grand Declaration of War
  2. In the Lies Where upon You Lay
  3. A Time to Die
  4. View from Nihil
  5. Il Principle: i) A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun, ii) Crystalized Pain in Deconstruction, iii) Completion in Science of Agony, iv) To Damnation


With Grand Declaration of War, you won't be picking out your favorite tracks; this CD must be approached as a single body of work, and to fully appreciate it, one needs to listen to it from start to finish without interruption. Grand Declaration of War won't appeal to anyone with a short attention span, but for those who can sit down and really give this CD their undivided attention, the rewards are great. - 4/5