MDC - Millions of Dead Cops (Millennium Edition) (CD) MDC - Millions of Dead Cops (Millennium Edition) (CD)

MDC - Millions of Dead Cops (Millennium Edition) (CD)

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Millions of Dead Cops: Millennium Edition is the ultimate complete collection of the formative years of the legendary hardcore / punk / thrash / political band known as M.D.C. Millennium Edition contains 45 tracks (some previously unreleased, unheard, bonus ones) from the classic releases including M.D.C.'s first iconic, full-length from 1981, Millions of Dead Cops. Next up is the Multi Death Corporations 7" which came out in 1983 and showed a faster, more thrash like M.D.C. Next is the "Millions of Dead Children" / "Chicken Squawk" 7" released in 1984, as well as the previously unreleased Live at CBGB's 1983 where you get to hear M.D.C. play their soon to be classic material at the legendary C.B.G.B.'s! To top it all off, we end it where M.D.C. began with the highly sought after Stains 7" that was originally released in 1981. This CD includes a kick ass booklet with lyrics and liner notes, plus all songs being restored and re-mastered making Millennium Edition the ultimate M.D.C. must-have reissue!


Track listing

  1. Business On Parade
  2. Dead Cops / America's So Straight
  3. Born To Die
  4. Corporate Deathburger
  5. Violent Rednecks
  6. I Remember
  7. John Wayne Was A Nazi
  8. Dick For Brains
  9. I Hate Work
  10. My Family Is A Little Weird
  11. Greedy & Pathetic
  12. Church And State
  13. Kill The Light
  14. American Achievements
  15. Multi Death Corporations
  16. Selfish Shit
  17. Radioactive Chocolate
  18. No Place To Piss
  19. Chicken Squawk
  20. Death Of A Nun
  21. Kleptomaniac
  22. (R)Evolution In Rock
  23. Pay To Come Along
  24. Pecking Order
  25. Intro (Live)
  26. Multi Death Corporation (Live)
  27. Selfish Shit (Live)
  28. Pay To Come Along (Live)
  29. Dick For Brains (Live)
  30. I Remember (Live)
  31. John Wayne Was A Nazi (Live)
  32. Warning To Bouncer (Live)
  33. Born To Die (Live)
  34. Radioactive Chocolate (Live)
  35. (R)Evolution In Rock (Live)
  36. Corporate Deathburger (Live)
  37. Greedy & Pathetic (Live)
  38. Church And State (Intro) (Live)
  39. Church And State (Live)
  40. Business On Parade (Live)
  41. Dead Cops / America's So Straight (Live)
  42. John Wayne Was A Nazi
  43. Born To Die
  44. Corporate Deathburger
  45. Dick For Brains


...highly recommend this album to anyone who is interested in hardcore. Fast music, extreme political stances and powerful lyrics are three things MDC provides on this reissue of a hardcore classic. - 5/5