Megadeth - Killing is My Business... and Business is Good (Record Store Day 2013) (LP)

Megadeth - Killing is My Business... and Business is Good (Record Store Day 2013) (LP)

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Record Store Day 2013 Limited Edition, only 250 available in the UK! Legitimate copies unclaimed on the day, not re-sold shop stock.

Limited edition blue, yellow and red splatter vinyl.

MEGADETH, American thrash metal band led by founder, frontman and songwriter Dave Mustaine. Formed in 1983 following Mustaine's departure from Metallica, As a pioneer of the American thrash metal movement, MEGADETH rose to international fame in the mid 1980s Early in 1985, the band was given $8,000 by Combat Records to record and produce their debut album. However, after spending half of that budget on drugs and alcohol, the band was forced to fire their original producer and produce the album themselves. Despite this Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!, released in May 1985, was a well-received effort that blended elements of thrash, speed metal and punk rock.


Track listing

  1. Last Rites / Loved To Death
  2. Killing Is My Business
  3. Skull Beneath The Skin
  4. Rattlehead
  5. Chosen Ones
  6. Looking Down The Cross
  7. Mechanix


I urge any classic thrash fan to purchase this album. I mean sure, the production is a little gritty, but when you throw it in, you can't help but rattle your god damn head. - 4/5