Merrimack - Omegaphilia (Digipak CD)

Merrimack - Omegaphilia (Digipak CD)

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French black metallers MERRIMACK are breathing fresh life into an exhausted genre, not by heaping up epithets such as progressive, post-, and avant-garde, but by razor-sharp songwriting, captivating melodies, and close to perfect arrangements. 'Omegaphilia' achieves excellence through hard work and experience that shows through on every single song. Having firmly established their black name and message around the globe, MERRIMACK are setting a bold exclamation mark with 'Omegaphilia'. Be warned, this album is determined to remain in your playlist for a long time.


Track listing

  1. Cauterizing Cosmos
  2. The Falsified Son
  3. Apophatic Weaponry
  4. Gutters of Pain
  5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure
  6. Cesspool Coronation
  7. At the Vanguard of Deception


MERRIMACK's Omegaphilia is a masterful amalgamation of various sub-genres within black metal. From the folky incantations of Cauterising Cosmos to the avant-guard riffs of Apophatic Weaponry to the overwhelming melancholy of At The Vanguard of Deception, this is an album that defiantly demands space in any CD collection. - 5/5