Minervium - Eterno e Omega (Cassette)

Minervium - Eterno e Omega (Cassette)

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Debut release by Italian black metal horde MINERVIUM.

Reissue of the ultra-limited self-released debut effort by this mysterious grim outfit spawned out of southern Italy. Be prepared to be engulfed by 5 tracks of pure cold and atmospheric black metal transcendence, delivering an extremely well-put-together aural vortex, which is both melodic and aggressive, with great vocal work while poetically digging deep into paganism, ancient Roman cult & the eternal return theory. No trends, no synths here!
Recommended for those who are lured into the darkest odours of bands such as Spite Extreme Wing, Movimento d' Avanguardia Ermetico & Nevoa, as well as most of atmospheric black metal enthusiasts in general! Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies on pro-tape with new cover artwork / layout!)


Track listing

  1. Il canto del mare
  2. Invocando il passato
  3. Cenere
  4. Eterno e omega
  5. Interitus