Minkions - Distorted Pictures from Distorted Reality (LP)

Minkions - Distorted Pictures from Distorted Reality (LP)

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Some would have pretend that this is some stupid journo obsession. Or that there's much more to it than we actually think. But none of that bullshit with MINKIONS... After all, those self-proclaimed kings of 'raw hardcore splatthrash punk' have never been beating around the bush regarding the bands they've been influenced from day one back in 2006 when they got together after what must have been one of the biggest binge party even known to mankind! When you've put to tape a raging WEHRMACHT cover ("Drink Beer Be Free"), have shared splits with CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY or BARBATOS and have a logo which is an obvious tribute to the one used by the mighty ACCÜSED for the last twenty-five years or so, let's say the writing is on the wall.
So there you go, you do now know the score: raging thrash/speedcore the 80's way, full of two minutes blast, stupid lyrics about getting fucked up and the kind of insane mosh parts that even your senile grandma won't be able to resist. Something a bit on the same wave-length as label mates LAHAR and as rooted in the old-school way of doing things but with a punk, much less serious but with 'let's get fucked-up' type of attitude!
So yeah, recorded last winter, clocking at just under half an hour (perfect timing for this kind of spontaneous and bursting style) and also released on CD by FOAD Records, 'Distorted Pictures From A Distorted Reality' doesn't fuck around and goes straight into the pit. So what are you waiting for to join the party damn it???


Track listing

  1. Present Slavery
  2. Dead... Not Yet
  3. Social Drome
  4. Demon's Whithin
  5. Distorted Pictures from Distorted Reality
  6. Ego of a Shadow
  7. Sunday Sucks
  8. Pavlov's Dog
  9. Third Millenium Fascist Pig
  10. Choosing Madness