Mirkhall - Heathen Hearted (CD)

Mirkhall - Heathen Hearted (CD)

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Compilation of all the material from the Finnish HORNA-related project!! Members and ex-members of HORNA (Shatraug, Fafnir, Vrasjarn, AT Otava) recorded two demos as MIRKHALL "Ring to Rule" 1998 and "Winter of Tragedies Reign" 2000.

Mirkhall was created from a passion to the old heathen beliefs in the north and it's flame extinguished too soon by the treachery of fools A.M. and H.M.


Track listing

  1. Winter of Tragedies Reign
  2. Stormbreath of Fear
  3. Heathen Hearted
  4. Under Banners of Eternal Pagan North
  5. Cursed Fullmoon Fog
  6. A Ring to Rule
  7. Funeral Times
  8. Warmoon
  9. Untitled (Rehearsal 1998)