Misty Grey - Grey Mist (CD) Misty Grey - Grey Mist (CD)

Misty Grey - Grey Mist (CD)

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I don't think there's a band on this planet that has quite captured the magic we know from the Maryland Doom Metal legends PENTAGRAM until we heard the first few chords of this new Doom Metal band from Spain, named MISTY GREY. MISTY GREY is chalked full of heavy fuzzed out guitar riffs that sound as if they plucked right out of classic PENTAGRAM albums from the 70's and 80's, but what really sets them apart is the extremely unique female vocals that blend in with this madness. The way the music comes out sets an unsettling tone and atmosphere that thick, dark, rich, and full of emotion. There's also a really cool and familiar 70's BLACK SABBATH vibrating on some level throughout the songs along with everything else mentioned above. PENTAGRAM and BLACK SABBATH fans will not be disappointed, the only thing fans might struggle enjoying are the unique vocals, but in this case, we think they fit like a glove here.


Track listing

  1. High Noon
  2. Grey Mist
  3. Dusk 'till Dawn
  4. A Touch of Evil
  5. The Man with No Name
  6. Freaks of Doom
  7. The Dead Zone


This album is everything that a Traditional Doom album could hope to be. It follows all of the conventions of the genre, but manages to execute them in a way that dodges cliché. The playing and writing on 'Grey Mist' are uniformly excellent, and although some of what is on offer here can sound simplistic, repeat listens reveal a delightful faculty for invention. Malicia's vocals might be a take it or leave it proposition, but on the takers' side, she will be missed. - 5/5