Model Citizens - NYC 1978-1979 (Digipak CD)

Model Citizens - NYC 1978-1979 (Digipak CD)

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Inimitable post punk insurgents.
The John Cale produced '79 Model Citizens EP is finally available again, and with it comes unheard live recordings from Max's & Hurrah!
Model Citizens, attacking their instruments with poetic yet strangely ironic frenzy, reflect the frightened, scattered, painful (yet edge-of-ecstatic) world of the moment.


Track listing

  1. Shift the Blame
  2. Animal Instincts
  3. I am Honest
  4. You Are What You Wear
  5. My TV is On
  6. Foreign Tongue
  7. Even You Can Be Somebody
  8. You are What You Wear
  9. I am Honest
  10. Do Like it Matters
  11. Animal Instincts
  12. Shift the Blame
  13. Do Like it Matters
  14. Real Time
  15. Who Do You Think You Are
  16. I Really Like You