Monarkh - Rites Profanes (CD)

Monarkh - Rites Profanes (CD)

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A soundtrack for the distressful and unhealthy. An unsettling mixture of ambient and industrial soundscapes. MONARKH is a project of P. Pelletier the force behind the black metal band MONARQUE hailing from Quebec City. MONARKH is an allusion to the beauty in darkness and an ode to evil.


Track listing

  1. Conflit Divin
  2. Le Seuil De L'Enfer
  3. Le Pouvoir Du Mal (Récidive)
  4. Dévoré Par L'Hiver
  5. Alchimie Et Narcotiques
  6. L'Antre De La Peur
  7. Rite Profane
  8. Crypte
  9. La Descente