Moonblood - Blut & Krieg / Sob a Lua do Bode (CD) Moonblood - Blut & Krieg / Sob a Lua do Bode (CD)

Moonblood - Blut & Krieg / Sob a Lua do Bode (CD)

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Official release direct from the band!

MOONBLOOD's legendary, cult, majestic debut album!!! Blut & Krieg deserves the mystique and adoration that evolved in the late nineties into the new millennium (the kind of fervour that spawns numerous bootlegs), it remains a masterpiece of underground Black Metal!!

Also included: MOONBLOOD's side of the split with DEATHSPELL OMEGA (released in 2000, recorded in 1997). This is the entire session, including one song not part of that split (it was later released on a split EP with KATHARSIS).

Remastered from the original DAT tapes.


Track listing

  1. Midnight
  2. In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon
  3. Shadows
  4. And Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies
  5. Blut & Krieg
  6. Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams
  7. Under the Cold Fullmoon
  8. The Infernal Master Returns
  9. Forgotten Spells in Forests Nocturnal
  10. Supreme Black Forces of Steel
  11. A Silent Dream of Impurity
  12. Bells of Apocalypse
  13. I Hail the Night