Moonblood - Dusk Woerot / Taste Our German Steel (CD)

Moonblood - Dusk Woerot / Taste Our German Steel (CD)

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Official release direct from the band!

This CD collects two killer pieces of underground Black Metal and some of the last MOONBLOOD material to be released!!

Taste Our German Steel - the second and final album! Recorded in November 1999, mixed in 2000 by KATHARSIS. One other song was recorded during this session - Troglodytin, released exclusively on the Black Metal Blitzkrieg compilation in 2001. This song (and therefore the entire recording session) is included on this CD!

Dusk Woerot - this was the final recording session by MOONBLOOD and the band had already split when it was released by Ataud y Muerte in 2003. Recorded in September 2000. The "Dusk Woerot epos" writing credit (lyrics?) is given to Selbsthenker Arctthuro (who ran the Ataud y Muerte label).


Track listing

  1. Embraced by Lycanthropy's Spell
  2. Sarg & Tod (Part II)
  3. Then Came the Silence
  4. Troglodytin
  5. Apocalyptic Vision
  6. The Angel's Lament
  7. A Walk in the Woods
  8. Dusk Woerot: Chapter I
  9. Dusk Woerot: Chapter II
  10. Dusk Woerot: Chapter III
  11. Born to Live in the Shadows of Damnation