Moonblood - of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood (CD)

Moonblood - of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood (CD)

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Official release direct from the band!

This CD collects two studio sessions:

8-9 August 1998: remixed versions of 4 songs from this session were released as splits with EVIL and INFERNO in 1999.

22 September 1996: the last two songs on this CD. Fullmoon Witchery was used as the opening track on the Encyclopedia Pestilentia compilation released by Velvet Music in 1997.

All material is the first rough mix which has never been previously used for any later releases.


Track listing

  1. Dwelling in Darkness
  2. As a Soul in the Blazing Banner of Darkness
  3. The Quest for the Doctrines of Might & Wisdom
  4. Under the Goatmoon
  5. These Graves and Wooden Coffins Are My Realm
  6. Kingdom Under Funeral Skies
  7. Burning in Hell
  8. Fullmoon Witchery
  9. Under the Abyssic Black Wings of the 3rd Angel