Moonkult - Profane Nightmare of Seers (CD)

Moonkult - Profane Nightmare of Seers (CD)

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Newest Finnish black metal storm, MOONKULT 1st full-length CD. Hateful and majestic terror sound with Niflungr (singer / bassist of AZAGHAL) participate in this album. For fans to AZAGHAL, BEHEXEN, URGEHAL, HORNA!


Track listing

  1. Destined to Wander
  2. The Great Purge
  3. Demigod Seer of Black Flames
  4. Curse and Blessing of Foresight
  5. Nether of Time and Space
  6. Storming Avalanche of Hate
  7. Behind Vortex of Lightnings
  8. Beyond to Infinities


To surmise the sound produced on Profane Nightmare of Seers, it can be described as primitive musical compositions varying from the early years thundering and clasping into one hell of black metal storm. - 4/5