Moonreich - Curse Them (CD)

Moonreich - Curse Them (CD)

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French black metal with strong Swedish (both black and death metal) influence. Also includes an early CHRISTIAN DEATH cover (title track from the 1981 EP).


Track listing

  1. Slay the Prophet
  2. The Serpent Presaging Sinister
  3. Curse Them
  4. Deathwish (Christian Death cover)


So, while you won't hear anything you won't expect, you can still thoroughly enjoy the tempo changes and tasteful, upper pitched fifths of the double-bass heavy "The Serpent Presaging..." or the punchy title track, or the great cover of "Deathwish" from the post-punk group Christian Death. Really, an intermediary EP serves the purpose of convincing the listener that he should get their next album, and they've done this. - 4/5