Moontower - Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006 (CD)

Moontower - Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006 (CD)

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A collection of four complete rehearsals spanning ten years, 96-06!

Reh. 13.03.1996 (as FUNERAL MOON)
Reh. 24.03.2002
Reh. 30.12.2001
Reh. 19.03.2006

FUNERAL MOON formed in 1995. After the recording in March of 96 (included on this CD - probably the earliest material available!) the name was changed to MOONTOWER which has remained for the subsequent 11 years. "Unholy Rehearsals" combines four rehearsal sessions, all raw aggressive Polish black metal. Musicianship improves but the attitude has never wavered.

Play the disc on your computer for a live video clip from 2005!