Moorah - Marnost nad marnost (CD)

Moorah - Marnost nad marnost (CD)

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Debut album by new Czech black metal creation MOORAH. Formed by Count Hroozah and now featuring drummer Ferenc Feco... who we haven't heard since the earliest MASTER'S HAMMER demos The Ritual Murder (1987) & Finished (1988)!!!

MOORAH's music doesn't succumb to the trend of overproduced underwhelming black metal; their sounds are created with the use of instruments self-created by the band. Authenticity, intuitiveness and the power of the message is paramount in the music. Marnost nad marnost (vanity over vanity) is not a conceptual album, but all songs are united by a common motive of faith and destiny of an individual in the apocalyptic world (whatever you understand this term). Some of the Count Hroozah's lyrics were previously published in literary magazines and in his book of poetry.


Track listing

  1. Radiant
  2. Vyvrátíme modly
  3. Sigillum Septima
  4. Okem bouře
  5. Vstávej
  6. Marnöst
  7. Nic není
  8. Slunovrat