Morbid Carnage - Night Assassins (CD)

Morbid Carnage - Night Assassins (CD)

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Good old-fashion thrash metal will always prevail; Hungarian thrash outfit MORBID CARNAGE unleashes a superlative effort of thrash insanity that is best accompanied by ice-chilled beer and the wild, reckless abandon of the straight in-your-face slab of classick thrash metal bludgeoning repeatedly is exactly the point of the band's latest effort entitled "Night Assassins".

Seven tracks of razor-sharp cutting thrash-o-dom at its most primitive and the sheer raw energy of "Night Assassins" is without any doubt one of the most genuine and conscientious album in 2010. Hail the blood, sweat and the beers!


Track listing

  1. Warlust
  2. Slaughtering
  3. Funeral Pyre
  4. Empty Graves
  5. Deviant
  6. Castle in Pain
  7. Night Assassins


...may not be the most original Thrash release this year, nor is it going to be breaking a lot of new ground with the larger fan bases, but its 'stick to the guns' attitude and the hefty execution make up for a lot of the elements that may have hindered it. Mostly for Thrash fans, but there seems to be a lot more of those out there nowadays. - 4/5