Morbid Funeral - Dead I Am (Cassette)

Morbid Funeral - Dead I Am (Cassette)

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Contains altogether 11 Satan-hailing anthems of old-school, poisonous, dirty, full of hatred Satanic black metal with some their personal ideas like melodic touches and classic 80's heavy metal riffs. Such infernal offering of hypnotic raw black metal were picked out from their 4 full-length albums that have been mocking the Christian doctrine so far. This tape is for those who are still looking for obscure sounds and are devoted to pure darkness.


Track listing

  1. Dark, Cold, Hellish
  2. Luciferian Mark
  3. Astral Black Mist
  4. Sphera Lunae
  5. Black Sunset
  6. De Origine Morborum Invisibilium
  7. Black Wizard
  8. Midnight Moon
  9. Leviathan
  10. Falling in the Spiritual Necropolis
  11. Damned Soul