Mordant - Demonic Satanic (Red Edition) (LP) Mordant - Demonic Satanic (Red Edition) (LP)

Mordant - Demonic Satanic (Red Edition) (LP)

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The hour of reprisal draws near! An album that rouses spirits from a time when Teutonic thrash was wild and untamed and ready to cleanse auditory canals from years of decay and depravation. DREADFUL FATE is the remedy for those who miss KREATOR, SODOM and BATHORY in their potent prime.
Members have a long history in Swedish metal, including MERCILESS, NOMINOM, CENTINEX and many others!


Track listing

  1. Vengeance from the Dark
  2. Devastating Storm... Evil Holocaust
  3. Demonic Satanic
  4. Evil Impalers
  5. Blacking Metal (Sabbat cover)
  6. Desecration from Hell
  7. Infernal Curse of Evil
  8. Screaming Souls
  9. Count Lucifer