Morta Skuld - As Humanity Fades (2017 Reissue) (CD)

Morta Skuld - As Humanity Fades (2017 Reissue) (CD)

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MORTA SKULD formed in Milwaukee in 1990, going on to release three albums on Peaceville Records (initially sub-label Deaf Records) in the early-mid 1990's, with the band's debut Dying Remains seeing its release in 1993.
Released in 1994, As Humanity Fades was MORTA SKULD's follow-up to its widely hailed debut. Featuring a further evolution of the band's brand of death / doom metal, it comprised the same line-up headed by band mastermind and guitarist/vocalist, David Gregor.

This edition of As Humanity Fades contains remastered audio, plus the rare bonus track, "Sacrifical Rite"; a demo track which was re-recorded during the original album sessions


Track listing

  1. Unknown Emotions
  2. A Century of Ruins
  3. Humanity's Lost
  4. Awakening Destiny
  5. Paradise of the Masses
  6. No World Escapes
  7. Different Breeds
  8. Sanctuary Denied
  9. Relics
  10. The Sorrow Fields
  11. Through Obscurity
  12. In the Shadows
  13. Sacrificial Rite