Mortes Saltantes - Yomi Kafeli (黄泉還り) (CD)

Mortes Saltantes - Yomi Kafeli (黄泉還り) (CD)

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Complete collection of recordings by MORTES SALTANTES!! All three demos plus their track on the 1997 Thrash Corps of the Storm compilation.

Demo #1 (1995), 黄泉人舞 (1996) and Call from Yomi (1998).

After the Call from Yomi demo the band changed their name to 凶音 (MAGANE) and released the killer Mortes Saltantes album in 1999 - half of which consists of Call from Yomi songs re-recorded!


Track listing

  1. いざなひ
  2. さぶらひ
  3. とふらひ
  4. 黄泉人舞 (1998)
  5. Mourning for Time
  6. Into the Fire
  7. A Myth
  8. 黄泉人舞 (1996)
  9. Dawn of the Dark
  10. A Blue
  11. In Her Room