Mortify - The Way of All Flesh (CD)

Mortify - The Way of All Flesh (CD)

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Cult Hellenic black metal! The Way of All Flesh collects all releases by MORTIFY: Dizziness of the Occult (1990), ...And Darkness was Upon (1993), and Promo 96.
8 page booklet includes history of the band, covers and line-ups, and interview / flyer scans.


Track listing

  1. Nocturne of Souls
  2. The Occult
  3. Schizoid Redeemer
  4. The Awakening and the Triumph
  5. Paroxysm
  6. Gazing in a God's Dream
  7. Of Blood and Ashes (Outro)
  8. Serpentine Moon
  9. Ulterior Quest