Mortiis - Fodt til a herske (2006 Reissue) (CD)

Mortiis - Fodt til a herske (2006 Reissue) (CD)

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The debut Mortiis album! Dark ambient / medieval / dungeon music. Released not long after leaving Emperor, of which he was a founding member and main lyricist.

Comes packaged with collectors slipcase and extensive, expanded liner notes including in depth interviews with Moriis by Tommy Udo about the making of the album.

Remastered by Mortiis at Rubber Biscuit Studios, Nottingham, England in 2006.


Track listing

  1. Født til å Herske (Pt. 1)
  2. Født til å Herske (Pt. 2)


Fodt Til A Herske (Born To Rule in Norwegian) is the first LP by this tormented creative genius and I have to say is one of the coldest albums I had ever heard. I'm not really a big fan of Ambient music and with the exception of few masterpieces I'm not especially interested in albums without lyrics, but this belongs to a superior level in the genre. Only one song forms this disc, divided in two parts of more than 25 minutes each. - 4/5