Mourning Dawn - For the Fallen... (CD)

Mourning Dawn - For the Fallen... (CD)

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Two years after the band's self titled album, MOURNING DAWN is back with eight new pieces of despair and not less than 70 minutes of their unique painful black / dark metal. The production is freezing, the material is slower than ever and together with the guest vocals of Jonathan Thery (BETHLEHEM, ATARAXIE, HYADNINGAR, FUNERALIUM).


Track listing

  1. In Flanders Fields
  2. God Damn the Sun
  3. Sick
  4. Epitaph
  5. The Rivers Flow
  6. For the Fallen...
  7. Dead Youth
  8. Ashes


While the tempo is mostly very slow the drumming brings with it tons of variation, which is something a lot of bands seem to forget in its eagerness to sound depressive. Here you'll find some very satisfying drum beats that enhances the atmosphere and really adds power and even a touch of brutality to the otherwise quite melodic music. The melody comes solely from the riffing, which has certain flair of both old school and modern day European black metal; bringing Germany and France to mind. "For the fallen" is a very impressive display of chilling melody and pure aptitude for the creation of haunting, desperately loathing black metal. While it might satisfy your needs the first time around it takes a couple of more listens before you'll realize the power and heftiness of the music. - 4/5