Munruthel - Epoch of Aquarius (Эпоха Водолея) (2012 Reissue) (CD)

Munruthel - Epoch of Aquarius (Эпоха Водолея) (2012 Reissue) (CD)

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Named after it's sole member, and original NOKTURNAL MORTUM drummer (from pre-NM band SUPPURATION until NeChrist in 2000), MUNRUTHEL formed in 1997 but had roots stretching back to 1988. Epoch of Aquarius is the third MUNRUTHEL album, recorded in 2005 and originally released in 2006. Now a classic of underground slavonic pagan art, this new 2012 edition revives a great album with new artwork! Elements of pagan, symphonic, and folk metal collide with ambient and neo-folk to create a sound of epic atmosphere!! A excellent album by a legendary figure within Ukrainian underground music!


Track listing

  1. На грани миров (Пролог)
  2. Воронограй
  3. В шёпоте листьев иль в грома раскатах
  4. Эпоха Водолея
  5. Мне поведали зори...
  6. Эхо забытых сражений
  7. На грани миров (Эпилог)
  8. Black Sun (Dead Can Dance cover) Bonus


This album is not your average Black / Symphonic / Folk Metal release - it's way above average. There are many good things about this release - from the artistic and intricate songwriting, to the heavy and melodic guitars (including skillful guitar solos), "Epoch Of Aquarius" stays interesting and enjoyable throughout. - 5/5