Mutterlein - Orphans of the Black Sun (Digipak CD)

Mutterlein - Orphans of the Black Sun (Digipak CD)

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Conducted by the incredibly talented songwriter, composer and performer Marion Leclercq, joined by Christophe Chavanon, MÜTTERLEIN - with their outstandingly singular debut album - have erased all usual codes, references and clichés to create something utterly unique.
Orphans of the Black Sun is an amazingly gloomy piece of haunted rock, a powerful musical fresco weaving fascinating stories of damaged lives, deep neuroses and insanity.
This record is a truly emotional experience: a startling voice propels rivers of acid words through the heart of an incomparable sonic environment, masterfully built upon hellish church organs, emaciated guitars, incantatory gospel choirs and ritualistic percussion.
Enter a parallel universe in which MUTTERLEIN invoke abstract fears beneath the dull spectre of a dead light!


Track listing

  1. Lesbians Whores and Witches
  2. Black Dog
  3. My War
  4. Heirs of Doom
  5. Ghost Army
  6. Mother Black Sun