My Own Grave - Necrology (CD)

My Own Grave - Necrology (CD)

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Three years after the debut full-length and a mini-album in between, Sweden's MY OWN GRAVE comes back strong with a darker, denser and merciless form of death metal with their second effort "Necrology". This is a nasty slab of supreme machine-gun riffs, intensely paced songwriting and with a sound so sinister, "Necrology" will arguably be one of the elite releases in 2009; chained with the abhorrent sound of old Swedish death metal and merging with the face-melting brutality of US death metal!

This is simply straight-up death metal with class, not for the weak of heart!

Features the superb production duties handled by multi-instrumentalist maestro Dan Swano at Unisound, Sweden (DISSECTION, DARK FUNERAL, etc) and killer album artwork courtesy of illustrator / tattooist Jon Zig (SUFFOCATION, DEEDS OF FLESH, SINISTER, etc).


Track listing

  1. Awaiting Death
  2. Necrology
  3. Hail the Blind
  4. None Shall See
  5. Disciples of War
  6. Cerecloth
  7. Bloodline Broken
  8. Exhumed to Be Buried
  9. Age of Torment
  10. Carnal Revelations
  11. Incineration


...seriously, this time "Swedes do what Swedes do" sounds as good as it ever did. We actually once listened to it straight after Slaughter of the Soul, and it more than held its own. - 5/5