My Own Grave - Unleash (CD)

My Own Grave - Unleash (CD)

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This re-issue version of "Unleash" is probably the ultimate collection of everything that is about MY OWN GRAVE's history. Packed together with the "Progression Through Deterioration (Demo 2004)" and serving as an extra treat for the fans, this re-issue will also included a Slayer and a Krabathor cover song! Includes the revamped album artwork, an entirely new layout and re-mastered by the legendary Death Metal maestro Dan Swanö at Unisound, Sweden (DISSECTION, MARDUK, OPETH, etc).


Track listing

  1. Unleash
  2. From the Ashes
  3. Into Pieces
  4. Spread the Plague
  5. Where Carnage Reigns
  6. Backdraft (Drowning in Fire)
  7. Sheltered by Inferno
  8. Soulstorm
  9. Heathen Divinity
  10. The Beyond
  11. Theme for the Dead
  12. Strangled by Life
  13. Orthodox (Krabathor cover) Bonus
  14. War Ensemble (Slayer cover) Bonus
  15. From the Ashes Bonus
  16. Sheltered by Inferno Bonus
  17. The Beyond Bonus
  18. Theme for the Dead Bonus
  19. Alcoholocaust Bonus