Na Rasputje - Early Demos (1998-2003) (CD)

Na Rasputje - Early Demos (1998-2003) (CD)

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Collects three early НА РАСПУТЬЕ demos originally released on cassette through Armour Get Dawn Productions:
Ледяное пламя Гипербореи (The Iceflame of Hyperborea) (2002)
Blizzard (2003)
Ворон (Raven) (1998).


Track listing

  1. The Iceflame of Hyperborea
  2. Lord of the Winds
  3. Beyond the Eternal Winter
  4. The Ancient Cult of Veles
  5. Blizzard
  6. At a River flowing Northwards
  7. Raven
  8. Hail Rus'!