Nachtblut - Dogma (CD) Nachtblut - Dogma (CD)

Nachtblut - Dogma (CD)

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A masterful grim dark metal delicacy. NACHTBLUT prepare to conquer the dark scene with their second album. "Dogma" will make it easy for them, as they have managed to improve upon their already grandiose debut by raising the bar and showcasing a newfound maturity in their songwriting. With instinctive ease the German quintet combines melodic and heavy elements to create their characteristic dark sound. The band revolving around vocalist Askertoh creates a wide spectrum of morbid metal tracks ("Mordlust", "Ich trinke Blut") and sensual ballads ("Schritte"). As a result, "Dogma" becomes a grim dark metal delicacy that quickly unveils a row of potential club hits. Besides paying close attention to the compositions, NACHTBLUT has also made the production of this album top priority by giving the melody lines enough room to breathe, while simultaneously allowing the heaviness of their riffs and double bass attacks to find their niche. The new album is made complete by Stefan Heilemann, whose graphic interpretation successfully transposed NACHTBLUT's provocative and sociocritical vision. "Dogma" is a masterful dark metal release that will not only convince existing fans, but also inspire new one to join the ranks.


Track listing

  1. Dogma
  2. Der Weg ist das Ziel
  3. Ich trinke Blut
  4. Eiskonigin
  5. Rache
  6. Mein Herz in ihren Handen
  7. Mordlust
  8. Macht
  9. Busssakrament
  10. Vulva
  11. Schritte