Nachtmystium - Live at Roadburn MMX (LP)

Nachtmystium - Live at Roadburn MMX (LP)

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Nachtmystium's first appearance at Holland's Roadburn Festival in April of 2010.


Track listing

  1. Away from Light
  2. Your True Enemy
  3. Ghosts of Grace
  4. Life of Fire
  5. A Seed for Suffering
  6. Chosen by No One
  7. Hellish Overdose
  8. Cry for Help
  9. High on Hate
  10. One of These Nights
  11. Assassins


...a nice addition to any big Nachtmystium's fan collection, but as a virtual live 'best of' it does not do too badly as an introduction to the band either for someone so far put off by the band's varied palette. - 4/5