Nachtvorst - Stills (LP)

Nachtvorst - Stills (LP)

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NACHTVORST was created in the winter of 2007 by Leopold and Erghal to compose emotional music, relying heavily on atmosphere. NACHTVORST embodies the attempt to use musical transgression to approach the boundlessness of the Kantian Sublime, not being constrained by the rules of any particular genre.


Track listing

  1. Dawn of End
  2. Murmurs
  3. Stills
  4. Wandering
  5. Epitaph


Nachvorst move at a very slow pace most of the time and it is often ambient and minimalistic. One element that is still black metal is the hellish shrieks and growls and the guitar sound is closer to black/death metal tones than it is doom metal but apart from that, this is blackened doom, drone, ambient and even sludge metal at times. - 5/5