Naer Mataron - Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto (Digipak CD) Naer Mataron - Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto (Digipak CD)

Naer Mataron - Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto (Digipak CD)

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And The Word Was Made Flesh

NAER MATARON's latest album, paying tribute to the Hellenic cult black metal scene of the 90s.


Track listing

  1. The Magus
  2. Demon's Lord
  3. Eternal Ice
  4. The Light Bearer
  5. The Hunt
  6. Nightmare (Sarcofago cover)
  7. Nyhta Pagani
  8. A Secular Pursuit of Coffins
  9. Kai o Logos Sarx Egeneto


...the most impressive thing I can say for this album is that it embraces the group's Hellenic heritage more severely than any of their older works, not just because of the folksy sing a long tracks here which took me completely by surprise, but also because the metal riffing itself was occasionally evoking the majesty of Greek legends like Rotting Christ, Varathron or Thou Art Lord, something that was in shorter supply with their more aggressive albums that reflected more of a Scandinavian black metal aesthetic... Even if there are only about five actual metal originals on the record, it all seems so well balanced and unpredictable, and when you include the simple but attractive digipak packaging/artwork, this is really the most fascinating Naer Mataron to date, no taint at all of a band simply 'going through the motions', but one committed to expanding itself. It's not Praetorians II (my own prior favorite from the band), and it might turn off fans who just tune into this band for its sheer savagery, but nonetheless it sets the band a new standard of aesthetic charm. - 4/5