Naer Mataron - Praetorians (CD)

Naer Mataron - Praetorians (CD)

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True Hellenic black metal! On Praetorians, NAER MATARON deliver a glimpse into the glorious virtues of the ancient Hellenic pantheon combined with the sonic heat of hell itself. Forged during the fierce firestorm of the early 90s black metal movement, these ancient Greeks sharpen the blade-points of their impervious pentagram by adding renowned vocalist / producer Vicotnik of DHG-DODHEIMSGARD / VED BUENS ENDE!


Track listing

  1. Anti-Celestial Campaign
  2. Ostara
  3. Sun Wheel
  4. Death Cast a Shadow Over You
  5. Secret Heritage
  6. Astral Anthology
  7. Sol Invictus
  8. Incarcerating Gallantry
  9. The Eternal Pest
  10. Eagle's Nest
  11. Praetorians