Nargaroth - Rasluka (CD)

Nargaroth - Rasluka (CD)

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Collects the two-part Rasluka series, originally released as two separate mini-CDs but always intended as a full length.

Conceived as dedication to a deceased friend of the master mind behind NARGAROTH, this release deals with the prelude and the aftermath of this tragic event. Named Rasluka (Russian for farewell), it contains melodies and metaphoric poems of sadness, mourning as well as inner reflection and bequeathed with the songs like "...und ich sah Sonn' nimmer heben" ("...and I saw sun rise nevermore") and especially "Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus" ("Suicide letter of Prometheus"), two of the most remarkable songs in the history of German black metal. Originally released in two parts in MCD format, the current "Rasluka Unity" album combines both on one album.


Track listing

  1. Introduction - Trauermarsch
  2. Rasluka
  3. Wo die Kraniche ziehn'
  4. Tränen eines Mannes
  5. Introduction - In stillem Gedenken
  6. ...und ich sah Sonn' nimmer heben
  7. Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus
  8. ...vom freien Willen eines schwarzen Einhorns