Natural Spirit - Sita Rosa (CD)

Natural Spirit - Sita Rosa (CD)

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NATURAL SPIRIT delivers breath-taking, grand, and heroic Slavonic folk/pagan metal, enhanced with sweet, soaring, enchanting female vocals in the best Ukrainian folklore traditions. Recommended for fans of ARKONA, KALEVALA, ALKONOST, PAGAN REIGN.


Track listing

  1. Ros River
  2. Kladovest
  3. Son
  4. Morok Rays
  5. Nailed Down
  6. Kupala
  7. Sita Rosa
  8. Diva
  9. Crossworld
  10. Lullaby
  11. Civilization


Comparisons stood out immediately, and they would be Ros, Orkrist, Hildr Valkyrie, Cruachan, Fearlight and Kalevala in a few spots, but Alkonost is definitely the closest comparison. Regarding both the balance of tempo and the amount of female and male vocals, Natural Spirit is extremely close to Alkonost, which is a good thing... - 4/5