Necrodeath - Fragments of Insanity (2006 Reissue) (CD)

Necrodeath - Fragments of Insanity (2006 Reissue) (CD)

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Classic early black/thrash metal from Italy! Fragments... is the follow-up to the black chaos of Into the Macabre in 1987! Killer thrash metal from an important 'first wave' band!


Track listing

  1. Choose Your Death
  2. Thanatoid
  3. State of Progressive Annihilation
  4. Metempsychosis
  5. Fragments of Insanity
  6. Enter My Subconscious
  7. Stillbirth
  8. Eucharistical Sacrifice


...if you want an orgy of occult early black/thrash sounds take the first Necrodeath album, but if you’re searching for a great violent schizophrenic assault, buy this one! They are both great albums, each one in its way. - 5/5