Necrofeast - Soulwinds (CD)

Necrofeast - Soulwinds (CD)

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Second album of pagan black metal. Has association to the band COUNTESS. The repoitaire is well built and multi faceted with an ever changing nature that most points towards an infinite knowledge of infinite pagan wisdom.


Track listing

  1. Slag om Germania
  2. Soulwinds in the Battle Sky
  3. Runendans
  4. Roep van de raaf
  5. A Sacrifice in Ingvi
  6. Hymn / Spirit of Death
  7. Secrets of the Shadowdancer
  8. The Halls and Glory of Walhalla
  9. Bloed in de sneeuw (Orlok of Countess cover)
  10. Eeuwige strijd tegen al licht en leven