Necrofucker - Necrobestiality Tales (The Eternal Damnation) (CD)

Necrofucker - Necrobestiality Tales (The Eternal Damnation) (CD)

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NECROFUCKER were a Peruvian death metal band that formed in 1987 and released one demo. Members then formed ANAL VOMIT in the early nineties and released several killer records! NECROFUCKER was reformed in 2008 and includes original guitarist Walter Profanador (also guitarist on the first couple of ANAL VOMIT demos) with new members. Necrobestiality Tales was recorded in 2011 in Lima, Peru. Ugly and savage death metal!


Track listing

  1. Condemned Prospect
  2. Written Dictum: Final Genocide
  3. Secret of the Caverns
  4. Continual Profanation
  5. Necromaniac
  6. Madness Sacrifice (Total Decay)
  7. Carnage Pest of Crucifixion
  8. Ritual of Abomination
  9. Ancestral Ceremony
  10. Altar of Corpses (Decomposed in Flames)