Necros - Tangled Up / Live or Else (CD)

Necros - Tangled Up / Live or Else (CD)

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Collects two albums: 1987's Tangled Up and 1990's Live or Else.


Track listing

  1. Gun
  2. Blizzard of Glass
  3. Big Chief
  4. Open Wound
  5. Tangled Up
  6. Power of Fear
  7. Black Water
  8. Noise
  9. 500 Years, A Pack of Kools
  10. Nile Song
  11. House Full of Drunks
  12. Tangled Up
  13. Blizzard of Glass
  14. Love Dagger
  15. Gun
  16. Black Water
  17. Race Riot
  18. Youth Camp
  19. Open Wound
  20. God's Anvil
  21. Face Forward
  22. Asfb
  23. Big Chief
  24. Take 'Em Up
  25. Nugent Medly


The final Necros release hot-fused the band's straight-up punk roots with more than a little thrash on the one hand and classic rock chug on the other, whipping up a tight blast of a record clocking in at 26 minutes with not a note wasted. - 4/5