Necrostrigis - Archaiczna moc zaswiatow (CD)

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One of the few hordes holding high the torches and banners of the Polish Black Metal spirit of the early days. Not a suprise, knowing frontman Wened has been active since the 90's in hordes as Venedae and Gontyna Kry, yet refuses to water down or commercialise any of his artistic outputs. Reminding of such obscure cult hordes as Mysteries, Fullmoon, Legion and The Temple of Fullmoon fame, especially on the insane vocals. This CD compiles the bands killer 7-inches as well as some exclusive stuff.


Track listing

  1. March of the Nightbreed
  2. The Dark Regions of Witchkvlt
  3. Blood Von (Von cover)
  4. Sabat umarlych potepiencow (Dark Woods of Necrorituals)
  5. Tajemnice rogatej pelni ksiezyca
  6. Warriors of Fullmoon (Legion cover)
  7. Place of Death for Warriors (Mysteries cover)
  8. W zamczysku czarnej sztuki
  9. Wilkolackie widmo grozy
  10. Nocny sabatyczny metal
  11. Bogowie zamarznietych zaswiatow
  12. Han som reiste (Burzum cover)