Nemesis Ocvlta - The Complex (CD)

Nemesis Ocvlta - The Complex (CD)

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Mexican black metal. The Complex is their most recent release and debut album from 2003. 8 page foldout booklet, released by the band. They have played in Europe in the past with IMMORTAL, ROTTING CHRIST and at 2003's Under the Black Sun festival. Bonus: Four tracks, the Renaissance demo from 1999 (the second of two demos). Harder and rawer material -- the highlight of this CD for sure!


Track listing

  1. Apeiron
  2. Biography of an Actor
  3. Mikrokosmos
  4. Chrysalis
  5. Maiden in Winter
  6. The Inflection Point
  7. Crystalsomber
  8. Ethernous
  9. The Complex: Pro(to)thesis
  10. Kaosmos
  11. The Somatic Solilloquy Bonus
  12. The Buffonery Bagatelle Bonus
  13. The Black Heralds Bonus
  14. Satan's Quadruple Semantic Bonus