New Model Army - Vengeance (The Independent Story) (CD)

New Model Army - Vengeance (The Independent Story) (CD)

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NMA's essential anarcho / crust / post punk debut LP reissued with bonus songs.

Collects: Bittersweet (7" 1983), Great Expectations (7" 1983), Vengeance (LP 1984), and The Price (12" 1984)


Track listing

  1. Bittersweet
  2. Betcha
  3. Tension
  4. Great Expectations
  5. Waiting
  6. Christian Militia
  7. Notice Me
  8. Smalltown England
  9. A Liberal Education
  10. Vengeance
  11. Sex (The Black Angel)
  12. Running in the Rain
  13. Spirit of the Falklands
  14. The Price
  15. 1984
  16. No Man's Land
  17. Great Expectations (The Peel Session)
  18. Notice Me (The Peel Session)


...unapologetic, unreconstructed punk, a savage indictment of Thatcher's Britain which roared with unabating rage... one of the most breathtaking punk debuts in history; the group had plenty of time to get it right. They used that time well. - 5/5