Nine Covens - ...on the Dawning of Light (CD)

Nine Covens - ...on the Dawning of Light (CD)

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UK black metal. Second album.


Track listing

  1. Origin of Light
  2. As Fire Consumes
  3. At the Ocean's Strand
  4. The Mist of Death
  5. The Fog of Deceit
  6. To Quench a Raging
  7. White Star Acception
  8. Over the Ocean's Way
  9. A Burning Ember


...stylistically still true to their roots whilst incorporating other elements to their repertoire. As a well-worn genre, little will be ground-breaking or revolutionary but when written, executed and delivered skilfully, the band succeed at a level of quality so often missed these days. A fine record and a truly enjoyable listen. - 4/5