NNGNN - Death by the Venomhammer (CD)

NNGNN - Death by the Venomhammer (CD)

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Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta

Old school attack from this recently formed Edinburgh horde! Even the great cover looks inspired by Power From Hell!
Black / Thrash both the old and new... POSSESSED, BATHORY, VOIVOD... DARKTHRONE, AURA NOIR... Thrash attitude with black metal dissonance. Excellent debut EP.


Track listing

  1. Flagellate the Heretic
  2. Black Thrash Massacre
  3. Death by the Venomhammer
  4. Black Realm of Terror


To my pleasantly surprised ears I was very heavily reminded of Possessed, Hellhammer and Sign of the Black Mark era Bathory... a really good, really promising new band that have set themselves a high standard to beat when they get round to doing an album. - 4/5