No Hand Path - An Existence Regained (Digipak CD)

No Hand Path - An Existence Regained (Digipak CD)

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Debut self-released album by Hellenic black metal band NO HAND PATH! The band have produced this album themselves and released it as a luxury digipak with 20 page booklet including hand drawn artwork! Lineup includes two members of VARATHRON.


Track listing

  1. Birth of Consciousness
  2. Birth of Decision
  3. Birth of a King
  4. Quest of the Traitors
  5. Quest of the Deceived
  6. Quest of the Noble
  7. The Deepest Journey
  8. The Darkest Journey
  9. The Longest Journey


The playing standards are exemplary in all departments and Ramin's voice delivers superbly both harsh, snarled savagery and cleanly sung melody. Trying to pick highlights from an album like "An Existence Regained" is as futile as selecting chapters from a beloved novel but as "Quest Of The Traitors" is blowing me away as I write, I'll give it a special mention. - 5/5

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