Nocturnal Poisoning - A Misleading Reality (Signed) (Digipak CD)

Nocturnal Poisoning - A Misleading Reality (Signed) (Digipak CD)

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Sleeping through the hours of the Sun

The new album from Nocturnal Poisoning (Scott Conner's post-Xasthur project)! Unlike the debut, Other Worlds of the Mind, vocals are present on some songs performed by session member Robert Nesslin. Lyrics are written by Scott. Dark introspective acoustic music through acoustic 6 and 12-string both flat and finger picked.

For those discovering Nocturnal Poisoning for the first time, here is our original post for the first record:
Despite the name it is clear Nocturnal Poisoning is meant to be appreciated completely separately from previous work. The music bares no obvious relation to Xasthur, although coming from the same mind these songs naturally betray a sense of the individual behind them as guitars wind delicate melodies into unexpected almost dissonant picked arrangements. This is still very introverted music.
Musical references span modern folk, medieval music to stripped back country, but all cloaked in a darker, abstract atmosphere and aside from a song like Fallen Skies largely without a driven pace, preferring instead to lumber and expand. Percussion is limited to tambourine and occasional drums, there are no electronics except for some very retrained distortion and atmospherics.


Track listing

  1. Which Mind is Using Yours
  2. Elsewhere from Here
  3. Word on the Street
  4. Murky Side of the Tracks
  5. No Telling Time
  6. Closed for the Winter
  7. Refund on Paradise
  8. Gambling Your Mind Away
  9. Stealing from the Poor
  10. Desert Snowfall
  11. A Misleading Reality
  12. Silenced by the Flood
  13. Has Been
  14. If the Thought Counted (Part 2)
  15. Casualties of the City