Nocturnal - Possessed Creations (CD)

Nocturnal - Possessed Creations (CD)

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Possessed Creations is a compilation release which features mostly unreleased material and adds a few tracks taken from sold out 7" releases making them available to a wider audience. Tracks 1-6 are taken from an unreleased demo recording session taking place in 2008, first recordings made with the new vocalist Tyrannizer. 7-8 are live recordings made at Festung Open Air in Bitterfeld / Germany 2006. Track 7 features Blumi (Metal Inquisitor/Metalucifer) on guest vocals (just like on the Arrival of the Carnivore Album). Track 9 is a previously unreleased DARK ANGEL Cover. Tracks 10-13 are taken from various 7" and compilation releases which are all more or less sold out in their original form. Cover artwork was handled by Josh Mc Alear who previously worked for such bands as Toxic Holocaust or Nunslaughter among others.


Track listing

  1. Disgracer
  2. Atomic Warfare
  3. Preventive War
  4. Burn This Town
  5. Temples of Sin
  6. Possessed by Hellfire (Witchburner cover)
  7. The Final End (live)
  8. Preventive War (live)
  9. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse (Dark Angel cover)
  10. Death Is the Answer
  11. Creation of the Possessed
  12. Tormentor
  13. Rise of the Undead