Noisegate - Suspended Animation Ambient Vol. I (CD)

Noisegate - Suspended Animation Ambient Vol. I (CD)

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Oakland based audio terrorists Noisegate abandoned the violent and corrosive clamor that peppered their first full length, and instead, created a dark and barren dronescape of ominous, slowly shifting deep resonance. Whirring and thunderous low end rumble underpins shimmering textures of glistening darkness and hazy tonal reverberations, grey and austere. "Suspended Animation" is a breathtaking arrangement of hum and buzz and chime. Stark and spatial, warm and mesmeric; feedback, voices, guitars, and bells are dismantled, reduced to tones and timbre, flowing like a murmering black river; bubbling up from a lost spring. A maudlin elegy, hypnotic and somber, funereal yet effulgent.


Track listing

  1. As We Were Walking
  2. Resuscitation
  3. The Calling
  4. Suspended Animation
  5. Chorale